A tasty bison burger

Hanging out at the sunflower patch.

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When visiting our store check out
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Bison summer sausages, snack sticks and jerky
make great last-minute gifts, hostess thank-yous
and stocking stuffers.

For some of us, grilling season lasts all year long. For those a little less weather-tolerant, there’s endless options for tasty bison recipes from the coziness of your kitchen.

Pans, roasters and slow-cookers are great tools for working with bison. You can easily transform any of your family’s favorite beef recipes to a healthier version with bison. The only adjustment needed is a shorter cook time for the meat.

Grass finished bison and our cold-pressed sunflower oil are a great combination to use for some tasty results from your kitchen, too.
Our sunflower oil is perfect to use in your favorite meat marinade and sauce recipes – combine it with maple syrup, mustards or barbecue sauces. It’s got wonderful flavor.

With its higher flash point, our sunflower oil works great for coating fry pans, crock pots, and even bread pans before cooking. Your food won’t stick!

With its subtle nutty essence, low saturated fat and higher flash point, sunflower oil is the ultimate choice also for pan frying chicken, fish or pork chops. It’s never over-powering, offering a distinct fresh flavor.

Can’t forget to remind you that our sunflower oil is the TOPS for popping popcorn! We love the Wisconsin-grown popcorn from the Dane County Farmers’ Market (we buy it in embarrassing large quantities). The combination is a real winner.

The oil works great in a pot on your stove or in any kind of popper that requires oil.

While spending a few moments recently perusing through my mom’s recipe file (I was the lucky recipient of that little tin treasure box after she passed), I found a long-forgotten recipe of hers for Braunschweiger spread. Go figure! Finding that recipe brought back so many memories of past Holidays and family get-togethers when she would always make this popular spread for a collection of very German & Norwegian family members.

Click here to see the recipe I’m sure she’d be thrilled to have shared. Definitely adaptable to our Bison Braunschweiger when it’s available.

We always make plenty of this French Style Salad Dressing. It's Leroy's favorite, not only for salads but to drizzle over pork chops and bison steaks as well!



To read about the many benefits of sunflower oil, what prompted us to raise sunflowers for oil, and how you can purchase some for your own culinary endeavors in your kitchen at home, check out the
CHEROKEE SUN page! It's not just for salad dressings!

Our Cherokee Sun oil is available in two sizes: Quarts for $16/each and pints at $8.50/each
Call the farm at (715) 223-3644 or email us at cherokee@pcpros.net for case prices.




We are currently involved with the market's "Green" committee, a group designed to find effective and various ways to green up both the farmer's market itself and the customers and vendors who go to it.  READ MORE  


For our Dane County Farmers' Market information, including schedule, please visit our Calendar Page.



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