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You may use bison in any recipe that calls for beef -- there are no limits! Everything from burgers on the grill, to marinated steaks, meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, stir frys, barbeques, hot dishes & casseroles -- even tacos can be made with bison! It is a wonderfully versatile, tasty meat.

The main rule of thumb is that it takes about 1/3 less cooking time on lower heat than any recipes using beef. As for stews and chili, the meat will cook faster, but there isn't much adjusting needed because it is such a slow cooking process. 

 If you think your meat may become too tender, par-boil or partially pre-cook the vegetables before adding to your recipe.

Do not overcook -- trying to get steak or burgers well-done is very difficult with Bison, because it is so lean. The cooking process is very fast and those added few minutes from medium to well-done may very well create an over-done, tough, dry cut of meat. Bison has enough natural moisture that it will not become dry or tough if handled properly.

Our 100% buffalo (bison) brat has no beef or pork added. You may grill them directly, or parboil them in beer first, then grill them to finish. Either way, your total cooking time is about half that of a beef/pork brat to reach the same stage of doneness on a tad bit lower heat. All the same seasonings, the same great taste you love in a brat, with way less fat and calories!

As with any meats, know your source and be certain you are purchasing either State inspected or USDA inspected cuts of meat from a reputable grower who strives for quality. Also, be sure to follow safe food handling guidelines. Be creative and enjoy!



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