A Little Background

Why Sell Sunflower Oil?

There are many important reasons why we decided to offer this new product line. In addition to the fact that it’s Wisconsin-produced, consider these reasons customers love our Cherokee Sun sunflower oil:

       1.) The Taste! We’ve heard more than one customer refer to our sunflower oil as “sunshine in a bottle.” It has a clean, distinctive flavor that those same customers tell us rivals the taste of olive oil. It’s not the same taste as olive oil, but it’s just as delicious.

       2) The flash point. Sunflower oil has a 450 degree flash point. This means that for frying, baking, sautéing, and more, sunflower oil will not fail at high temperatures. Olive oil is wonderful for low temperature recipes. But its low flash point of 225 degrees causes it to break down at high temperatures, changing flavor and aerosolizing into smoke – definitely not suitable for frying, baking, and other cooking that requires higher temperatures.

       You would never use olive oil to pop corn. Well, you can with our Cherokee Sun sunflower oil. It offers robust frying ability with a distinctive, yet mellow taste that complements your favorite kitchen creations – used at either high
or low temperature.

       3) Our growing practices are ALL NATURAL. Our seeds are non-GMO. We cultivate to control weeds, never using herbicides, pesticides, or commercial fertilizers on our flower fields.

       4) The cold-press process. This is one of the things that sets our oil apart from many large-scale oil producers. Some oil is extracted using heat, steam, chemicals, or a combination thereof. Ours is 100 percent cold-pressed.

We’ve grown and pressed sunflowers since 2008. We can’t say this new product has been glitch free. We’ve learned a few things about planting depth, contended with capricious weather’s cold, rain, drought, and hail. The first year we discovered just how many blackbirds can congregate in a sunflower field!

Somehow, though, the sunflowers have bloomed, the seeds have set, and we’ve managed to press enough oil to have attracted an ever-growing following for our Cherokee Sun sunflower oil.

To discover the many other advantages of sunflower oil and the nutritional facts behind it, please check out the Facts page. To purchase your Cherokee Sun, we have made it available in two sizes: quarts for $16.00 and pints at $8.50. Call the farm at (715) 223-3644 or email us at for case prices.

I see some "cloud" at the bottom of the bottle. What's that?

After sunflower seeds are pressed, the oil is allowed to sit for up to 10 weeks so the very fine bits of seed (we refer to this as “cloud”) settle to the bottom and the oil is left clear.

When the clarified oil is decanted off the top you are left with a delicious cold-pressed sunflower cooking oil. Occasionally some traces of the cloud remain and settle to the bottom of the bottle and become visible.
It actually adds to the flavor – it’s an OK thing!

In case you’re curious further, the settlings, or cloud, and also the meal (the leftovers when the oil is pressed from the seed) all come back to the farm as bison treats – they love the stuff!




 Wisconsin-grown right on our farm.

Use for frying, baking, sautéing, – salad dressings, too!



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