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All of our Bison products are:

100% American Bison Meat.
Our animals are grass fed -- no grain finishing here.
No beef, pork or fillers in any of our creations.|
All-Natural goodness - from our farm to your table!

To order any of these products, you may call the farm directly at
(715) 223-3644 or email us at





Rib Eye


New York Strip

Hanger Steak $15.00/lb

Top Sirloin 


Boneless Roast 
(round, rolled, sirloin tip, hump roast)

$ 9.00/lb

Stew Meat 1# package

$ 9.50/lb

Kabobs (April - Sept.) 1# package 

$ 9.50/lb

Burger Patties (4 1/4 pounders) 

$ 9.00/lb

Bulk Burger 1# package

$ 8.50/lb

Brats (5 per package)


Hot Dogs (8 per package)

$ 9.00/pkg

Smoked Sandwich Slices 1/2# package

$ 7.00/pkg

Braunschweiger (limited supply)


Soup bones (with meat)

$ 5.00/lb

Shank bones (meatless for stock)

$ 3.50/lb

Heart, Tongue, or Liver

$ 3.00/lb

Bison Bacon 1# Package

$ 9.00/pkg





Bison Summer Sausage (original) 3/4# Stick

$ 8.50/ea

Bison Cranberry Summer Sausage 3/4# Stick

$ 9.00/ea

Bison Jerky Variety of sizes

$ 5.50-$35.00/pkg

Bison Snack Sticks (4-pak or 1# pkg)

$ 6.00-$17.00/pkg


Cherokee Sun - Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil

$  8.50/Pint
$50.00/4-Litre Bottle

Shipping & Handling


  We ship mostly via UPS; continental USA only. Minimum order is 10 pounds of frozen product. You can mix-n-match any of our cuts to reach the 10 pounds. Bison summer sausage, jerky and snack sticks (the non-perishables) are fresh, not frozen. The non-perishables can be included with an order of frozen product, but they will not count towards the 10 pound minimum. They can also be shipped separately in quantities less than 10 pounds. Recipes and cooking tips included with your order!  

We ship the non-perishables via USPS Priority and Flat Rate shipping options whenever possible. Check out the current shipping rates at or drop us an email with questions.

To order any of these products, you may call the farm directly at (715) 223-3644 or email us at  We will be able to provide to you shipping costs and availability and give you a secure way to make your payment with us as well.  Please call or email us for any shipping & handling information or any general questions or comments. We're always happy to answer questions - that's why we're here!

   We are a small, family-run operation and we do our best to work for a quality product, not simply quantity. While we do process meats every month of the year, we do occasionally run out of certain items. We apologize for this, but be assured it will be temporary and the item in question should be back in stock within a few weeks. Check with us for current availability and we'll do our very best for you!

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you in the near future!


Now accepting:  American Express, Visa, Discover and Mastercard Credit Card Payments!




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