Bison meat is similar to beef, yet it's sweeter, tender and much leaner. Naturally lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than pork, beef, chicken or even turkey, bison is a wonderful and healthy alternative to these meats.

The value of eating bison is not just its delicious flavor but what you get in return -- more protein, minerals and nutrients with fewer calories and less fat. Since bison is a nutrient dense meat, you'll eat less, yet feel completely satisfied.

Our bison are naturally raised and handled as little as possible. They are on a feeding program which includes rotational grazing and supplement feeding of hay, haylage, silage (high forage diet) vitamins and minerals. We are able to raise and feed some of the native prairie grasses more in tune with a bison's natural diet, and do so whenever we can.

This is ensuring a lean, top quality meat that is naturally low in fat, calories and cholesterol. No hormones, chemicals or antibiotics are used on our animals. Nothing artificial is added to any of our meat. All of our products are 100% American Bison meat -- no beef, pork or fillers added.

This is truly a unique and wonderful meat! It's delicious, juicy and tender -- and a very heart-smart way to once again enjoy the goodness of a wholesome red meat. Try some today! Your heart -- and your palette -- will thank you!

Compare the fat grams, calories, and cholesterol you will find in bison with the same in other meats (source: USDA Handbook) :



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