Being on the Dane County Farmer's Market board recently, we are now on the market's "Green" committee, a group designed to find effective and various ways to green up both the farmer's market itself and the customers and vendors who go to it.

Without making the transition too difficult, for the first year or two, the committee came up with a few things which everyone could do to help save on waste, landfill overfill, and the reduce, reuse, recycle theme overall.

The first way they are going to be going green is by joining with the City of Madison's Recycling Center to bring recycling containers to the Square during market hours.  Another transition we are implementing is trying to cut down on the tremendous number of plastic bags we create by encouraging our customers to bring their own bags (BYOB).   Whether they want to bring reusable canvas or mesh or if they just want to bring their own plastic bags, that's fine and highly encouraged.  We are also looking into purchasing the canvas/mesh type bags for distribution to customers.

The city of Madison is in the beginning stages of a "zero waste" policy and are looking into outlawing plastic bags, cups and containers that are not recyclable or compostable at all events throughout the city eventually.  

More information will become available once the committee's ideas are more implemented and progress is shown and more ways are communicated to help save the city, the environment, the world from waste and when we all become a bit more green!


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