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Below are some quick facts about:

Cherokee Bison Farms, Ltd......

  • We're family owned and operated since 1989.

  • Located in central Wisconsin - at Cherokee, just East of Colby - home of the Original Colby Cheese! 

  • We are Wisconsin State Inspected. 

  • We ship UPS to the 48 states.

  • We're a small company, but we work hard to bring a top-quality cut of prime bison to our customers!  

 Our Animals......

  • Our animals are all naturally raised.

  • No growth hormones, chemicals, antibiotics or feed additives

  • The bison are on a rotational pasture system, with supplemental hay and other roughage in our winter months.  No grain finishing and no feed-lotting.

  • We raise all of our own feed.  The only extras are their vitamins and minerals!  No bone or blood meal - never has been, never will be.

& Our Products......  

  • All of our bison meat products are 100% Bison (buffalo).  No beef, pork or other fillers added to our products. 

  • Bison is a very lean, dense meat which is deliciously sweet and tender - not wild or gamey!  It's not dry or tough if you cook it properly - we have some great recipes and cooking tips to tempt your taste buds!  You can use bison in any of your favorite recipes that call for beef - it's usually as simple as adjusting the cooking time and temp a little bit so the meat does not overcook.  Welcome your family to the table with a savory buffalo stew or chili - satisfy a big hunger with a hearty buffalo meatloaf or your favorite lasagna recipe with lean bison instead of beef!  No fat to drain!

If you're ever in central Wisconsin, drop in at our little store here at the farm.  We have our full line of bison meats and snack products here; hides, skulls and bones when available; a fun and diverse variety of handcrafted primitive signs, cubbies, shelves, small furniture items, seasonal and holiday crafty things, candles and of course our farm's own Maple Syrup made with love from the trees right here on our farm.  Give a call ahead if you can - we don't want to miss your visit!




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