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We have been asked many times what the difference is between a bison and a buffalo.  Well, we're glad you asked! 

When we refer to "buffalo" or "bison" in our product descriptions - we are referring to the same animal.  These animals are correctly called an American Bison Bison.  These are the same "buffalo" we all learned about in our history books on the wild American west.  When the first settlers came to America and happened upon the Bison - they did not know what they were.  The only animals they could relate them to were the Asian Water Buffalo.  They started calling them buffalo for lack of a correct name, and the name stuck for many many years.  Most Americans think of the animal from our wild heritage as a buffalo and may not even know what "bison" refers to at all. 

Actually, our American Bison and the Water Buffalos are not even related.  (There are actually two types of Bison as well.  The Plains Bison and the Woods Bison - one being smaller and darker than the other and having populated different regions of the US in the early years)  However, since so many people are familiar with their own learned definition of a "buffalo" you'll find we still sometimes use that term when referring to the bison that we raise.  We use the term bison more and more as the public grows more aware of and familiar with our own great Native American animal - the American Bison.  America's original red meat. 

Now, how cool is that? 




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